Bricco Bonfante

 In Piedmont the word bricco has the same meaning as collina (hill). For generations our family has owned this land and here we began producing wines and gave this name to the hill itself. The soil is of alluvial origin and has limestone-clay sedimentary deposits. The low yield per plant (1.5 kg),obtained by a careful and scrupulous thinning-out, promotes both the ripening process and the concentration of the extracts. The lengthy aging in wood rounds off Barbera s spikiness, while the subsequent refinement of a year in the bottle bestows excellent harmony on this wine. The Bricco Bonfante Barbera d Asti Superiore is a very long-life wine that improves with the passing of the years. Decant well in advance in order to facilitate good aeration.

The Details


Wine: Red Wine

Grapes: Barbera

Alcoholic Strength: 14.5% - 15.5%

Color: deep purple. When young it has a strong violet color .

Perfume: Powerful and intense, hints of red fruit, cherry and marasca cherry. Excellent is its harmony and complexity, with a non-intrusive hint of wood

Flavor: Long in the mouth, it has a persistent sweetness that unfolds layer after layer until its heart of marasca cherry and plum

Serving Temperature: 55º

Accompanies: It goes well with red meats, game and cheese.

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