Albarone Piemonte DOC

The Details

Typology: D.O.C

Wine: Red wine

Grapes: Albarossa

Alcoholic Strength: 15%

Color: Intense purple-red, almost as dark as a blackberry. When young it presents violet reflections

Perfume: Powerful and intense with a hint of red fruit, from cherry and ripe prune to woodland fruit. An aromatic complexity that, with refinement in the bottle, evolves into exotic spices. Excellent is its harmoniousness and complexity, with a non-invasive woody note

Flavor: A spectacle of extracts and turgid. On the palate it is harmoniously pulpy, extremely meaty due to the powerful and concentrated mix of acidity, tannin and alcohol. The tannin is exceptionally hefty while at the same time smooth. Long-lasting in the mouth, it has a persistent sweetness that unfolds layer by layer until its heart of blackberries and prunes is reached.

Serving Temperature: 55ยบ

Accompanies: Wild game, roasts and polenta ragu

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