Barbaresco D.O.C.G

Barbaresco closely resembles, with greater harmoniousness and refinement, the characteristics of the related Barolo, but with a less structured body and a slightly lower alcoholic strength. The sum of these more distinctive and elegant features bestows upon this wine its extreme elegance and distinction. It reaches its peak after about 4/5 years, but it can be kept for over 10 years if it is stored in a suitable place, away from the light and at the correct temperature. It should be served, in line with its noble origins

The Details

Typology: D.O.C.G

Wine: Red Wine

Grapes: Michet and Rose varieties of Nebbiolo grapes

Alcoholic Strength: 13% to 14,5%

Color: Garnet red with orange tinges

Perfume: Characteristic, ethereal and pleasant

Flavor: Dry, round, ethereal and pleasant, it leaves the mouth clean and satisfied

Serving Temperature: 55ยบ

Accompanies: Cheeses, truffles, wild game

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