Aglianico appassito “kapnios”

This wine uses the method of appassimento, in which the grapes are dried hanging on lines for 120 days to dry and become raiseny. Then they are pressed with temp control and soft press, the aging is 2.5 years in French oak and the other year in the bottle. It’s cited by plato that the Greeks were the first to make this type of wine way long before the Venetians knew. Only 2,000 bottles of this wine is made.

The Details

Typology: IGT

Wine: Red

Grapes: Aglianico

Alcoholic Strength: 15%

Color: deep purple

Perfume: cocoa, vanill sweeet cherries

Flavor: smooth, good fruit and structure with an amazing finish

Serving Temperature: 50-59F

Accompanies: Neopolitan Ragu, caciocavallo cheese, and scamorza

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