About FFW

FFW aims to lay the groundwork for the arrival to America of highly designed blends of Wine. Our vision is based on the classical rules of a performance work of art. 

While such a work presents a seamless unity overall, it is in fact made up of a beginning, a middle and an end. 

The overall excellence of the performance is judged by the extent to which all the necessary parts contribute to the perfection of the work as a whole. 

FFW distinguishes itself, by its commitment by introducing the highest quality forms Wines.

FFW seeks to welcome the most refined customers, with presentations rooted in the best of contemporary Italian wine making, blended with various regional and national grapes.

Nevertheless, what distinguishes the FFW mission from others is its vision of a perfect product.

The heightened sense of values and ethical standards to which FFW is committed will be central to the accomplishment of this mission. 

Our values and ethical standards will serve other important goals as well.